While active parental involvement is key to optimising outcomes for your child, the competing demands of work, family and therapy cannot always be balanced by parents alone.   In more intensive programs, therapists can support the treatment process by providing the necessary skills and intensity required to successfully implement your child’s treatment plan.


If you are in need of therapists to assist you in implementing your child’s treatment plan then you have two options:


Option 1: Access our MLS therapy staff


We have our own skilled team of dedicated therapists available to support your child’s program known as Tutors and Team Leaders. Our Tutors are our junior level therapists and our Team Leaders are our more experienced therapists who can each assist in the provision of therapy services. All our staff receive regular training and evaluation to ensure that they meet our high standards of service. The costs associated with our therapy staff, as with any of our other services are covered by the  FaHCSIA funding under the ‘Helping Children With Autism’  and ‘Better Start’ packages.

Option 2: Hire independent therapists


This option involves finding people interested in doing therapy yourself. Typically this involves recruiting potential therapists, ensuring they meet our minimum training requirements and being responsible for their conditions of employment. These costs are not able to be covered under current funding arrangements.

Please Note That We Aare Now Acceptig New Inquiries For Programs Starting In January 2018.